What we do

Essentially we do what is needed … to create higher performance and productivity … but we start from an assumption that this is likely to require measurement, analysis, diagnosis, development, implementation and review.

At the national level we work with key stakeholders in development projects – these may be government agencies, aid funders, NGOs, professional and trade associations – to build, and deliver on, agendas which create the potential for high productivity and we help them assess the impact of key development decisions and projects on national wealth and well-being. We understand the importance of ‘the people factor’ and often include structured programmes of vocational education within our approach.

At the organisational level, we similarly build, and deliver on, strategies to create long-term productivity growth and from it long-term, sustainable, shared value.

We know there is a need for focus on the critical success factors and critical performance indicators that drive behaviour change … and we know that this almost certainly requires culture change and skill development to ensure that all stakeholders are focused on the same aims and the same results.

The Institute of Productivity provides materials and training courses that address all of these issues – practical materials like the “Getting It Done” series highlighted in theIoP Academy.

We also provide support services to develop the culture and attitudes, the diagnostic and analytical skills, and the creativity and innovation that underpin the drive for increased performance and added value.

You can see brief details of a number of our projects and activities on our NEWS page and our approach/methodology to building safe and resilient food chains - that offer real benefit to the growers and farmers involved- is explained <HERE>.

We also have a team that specialises in application development for mobile devices – both for our use to support our productivity development programmes and to meet the specific requirements of clients.  See IoP Mobile

Contact us

Address: 3rd Floor, Telegraph House,  80 Cleethorpe Road, Grimsby, DN31 3EF 

Phone:    +44 1472 358195

Email:     Info@instituteofproductivity.com

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