08 Apr 2021 5:34 PM | John Heap (Administrator)

Did you have any New Year resolutions?  If so, are they still intact?  Do you have ‘staying power?

If you do, it is perhaps because you build some kind of reminder into everyday events when your resolution is needed.  Perhaps a reminder note on the fridge or in the car. Perhaps you go further and build a ‘system’ to continually remind you’ve - like a daily/repeating  calendar entry.

Most of us need some kind of support system to keep us focused and make sure we don’t simply forget.  Any reminder should be at the right time and should be appropriate.  For example, any reminder about our diet might include our present weight or waistline measurement to more directly motivate us.

The same is true of such resolutions in a work environment.  If we want to establish a kaizen or continuous improvement regime, we need to know we can maintain effort and direction over the longer-term. We can use calendar entries, daily inspirational quotes from the web, make it a standing item on all meeting agendas or whatever.   We also need everyone to understand bits importance so our ‘reminder regime’  must include communication.

We must be resolute!

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