It takes more than a tweet

06 Jan 2017 5:24 PM | John Heap (Administrator)

Donald Trump aims to 'make America great again' by re-patriating manufacturing and putting Americans back to work.

Laudable aims - but practical?

The second can't happen without the former .... but if he does succeed in bringing outsourced manufacturing back onshore, in the  short term at least, the US is likely to need more labour hours. Evidence of he last 10 years suggests this may come from immigrants rather than the deskilled, dispirited native workforce.

This conflicts with other elements of Trump's avowed policies.

Perhaps Donald will find it isn't as easy as he thought it was.

Welcome to the real world, President Trump!

In your real world, you will face the same kind of dilemmas and overlapping issues.  You need to calmly think then through - before tweeting them to the world.

Wisdom does not come conveniently packaged in 140 character chunks.

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