Sunny Outlook

15 May 2020 7:12 PM | John Heap (Administrator)

Since the lockdown started in the UYK, the weather has been very good. Small compensation, perhaps ... but let's count our blessings.

Of course, once, when the weather was good, we did all we could to maximise our harvest - so that stocks of food could see us through the bad times that would inevitably come.

The current economic crisis seems to suggest that many people and most firms - have not bothered to invest in the future.  They have taken their returns in the good times - and expect government to see them through the bad times.

Being optimistic - as I am, we will get through this ... and signs are currently quite good.

Being a realist - which I also am - the economy of the UK will be in a mess. 

Future generations will have to pick up the tab.

For now though, I listen to the weather forecast for next week - which is excellent - and I go about with a smile on my face.    Let's smile together - and at each other.  Let's smile out way into a better future.

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