Where are the leaders?

21 May 2020 10:52 PM | John Heap (Administrator)

During any crisis which affects large swathes of the population, any nation needs leaders who can galvanise the collective spirit and collective will of the people to withstand the pressures of the crisis and take the actions necessary to survive and emerge from it.

In wartime situations, such leaders tend to emerge - though  not always.  Too often  what we get are crisis managers who try to marshal resources and manage the situation, without creating the shared will and the shared vision of a future worth fighting for.

America has for long been held up as the leader of the free world’ - but, in this Coronavirus crisis, we have seen little evidence of any leadership from that source.  America has looked inward, looking after its own…but in a shared, global crisis, this is not enough. We need concerted, cooperative action - and policy-making - based on effective global leadership.

The European Union has also failed its constituency - where has been the agreed pan-European action or policy-making?

As we slowly emerge from the crisis, we will again need leadership, concerted action and shared policy-making to help rebuild the global economy. However, what I expect to see is increased competition,, increased insularity, less free trade and less cooperation.  This puts post-Brexit Britain in a difficult position - looking to negotiate tariff-free trade deals in a situation where everyone is looking to protect their own economies.

Where are the leaders we need?

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