There's no shame in seeking help

25 Jun 2020 10:39 PM | John Heap (Administrator)

Many of us think we are very good at what we do for a living. Some are even arrogant enough to think they are ‘the best’.  Companies sometimes act as if they have a ‘divine right’ to their market share, or market superiority.

However, the worst offenders must be politicians.  They know they are right and act accordingly.  This can seem patronising or arrogant to the rest of us - even when we share the same, broad political views.  Politicians often take decisions  without apparently thinking things through - rarely seeming to consider the unintended consequences of their decision and subsequent actions.  When some of those consequences become apparent and suggest more thought is necessary, the politicians plough on, taking further actions  and creating more of a mess.  

Remember, when you’re in a hole, stop digging.

In the current pandemic, the UK government decided that some form of contact tracing would be helpful - allowing contact to be made with those that had been in contact with others recently diagnosed with COVID-19. A number of other countries had already implemented technology - via smartphones - to assist with this ... and Google and Apple had already collaborated on the core technology for such an app, leaving governments to add the user interface and tailor the top level to meet their own needs.

Did the NHS (National Health Service) or the British government go with Google/Apple technology?  No, they did not.  they were arrogant enough to think they could do it on their own, and presumably do it better .... even though the record of major computer system implementation in the NHS is one of failure, overspend and scandal.  

Why would you not adopt what is in effect a global standard? ... especially one which had been developed (thanks, presumably to Apple) with privacy in mind.

But no. The UK government and NHS went ahead, trialled their app on the Isle of Wight, found it didn't work  and  then announced a delay in implementation before going ahead with a people-based  (and expensive) track and trace approach.

Sometimes politicians just have to accept their limitations and seek help from those better equipped to deliver.   Your company is just the same.  Accept what you can't do - and work with others to fill those gaps.

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